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1072 - Full HD Media Player

Click on the following link to download FW version 2.1:

 hv335t_256m_flash_upgrade_image_v21_20100817.rar (27.9 MB)


Installation Note:


- After download, please unzip the file first.


- Connect the USB stick to your computer and format it to NTFS.


- Copy the install.img file to the root of the USB stick.


- Use safe remove hardware to un-mount the USB stick before unplugging it (unplugging the USB stick can cause the install.img file to be corrupted).


- Connect the USB stick to the HV335T (do not switch on the unit yet).


- Connect the HV335T to your TV (via HDMI, composite...cable) and switch on the unit by pressing the blue LED power button and the standby button on the remote controller.


Go the menu --> Setup -->System upgrade, then press to start update.


** important! If everything is ok the unit should now start updating itself; do not switch off the unit during the update.



Release Notes:


1. Improve the HDMI connection for Toshiba TV.

2. Add BitTorrent support and switch (default: off)

3. Add Shard Folder switch to enable/disable HDD sharing from HV335T (default: off)

4. HDD and BT option will not appear if internal HDD is not installed

5. Add Blue-ray subtitle support (press subtitle key)

6. Add PSB/SUB subtitle support

7. Add uPNP support (press PLAY key again when Invalid